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Eagle Eyes Viewer Live Shot Of Darrell's Score Card


Invented by Darrell Mitchell

Frustrated at not being able to see the scorecard without the use of cumbersome glasses? The Darldona ™ brand EagleEyes Viewer™ solves that problem.


            Invented by Darrell Mitchell, who owns a construction company and loves to play golf on the many beautiful, prestigious golf courses located in his home town of Williamsburg, Virginia.  Out of frustration of not being able to see the score card without the use of cumbersome glasses, came an idea that has turned out to be one of the most needed products in the game of golf.  Tired of squinting to be able to read your eagle or birdie on a score card filled with small print?   The Darldona™ EagleEyes Viewer ™ is for you!!!  This product will no doubt be a benefit for all golf players who find the small print on the scorecard difficult to read.  The Darldona™ EagleEyes Viewer ™ will eliminate the need for glasses that get in the way, get lost or broken.  Here is Darrell’s story:

            About five years ago I was playing golf with my friend Jimmy.  He noticed that I was squinting when I was trying to see the score card. He turned to me and said “Someone should invent a product that would attach to the golf cart to help players read the small print on the scorecard.” “These glasses that we are wearing are always getting in the way, getting lost or broken.”  I agreed with him, but the subject was dropped and forgotten; until now.

            Earlier this year I was on the golf course, and became very frustrated once again because I could not read the score card.  My glasses were just a nuisance and in the way of me playing golf.  At that moment, I decided there had to be a better way to enjoy my golf game without my aggravating glasses.  I had enough of my glasses and decided it was time to do something about it!!!

With my construction business being slow, this was the perfect opportunity for me to make this idea a reality. I came home that evening and gave the idea some serious thought.  That week I started to jot down idea after idea, drawing after drawing until my stepdaughter Ann had the idea of an oval magnifying device that would attach to the golf cart steering wheel and flip over onto the score card.  This got me thinking, but there was a problem... Attaching it to the steering wheel would impede driving.            

The idea was constantly in my mind. Finally, I was awakened one night from a dead sleep with an image of how the device could attach to the wheel perfectly, and what it would look like. 

I decided to invent a device that would attach to the steering wheel, something with a lens that allowed the golfer to see the score card crystal clear.  Not like looking through a magnifying glass, but rather like looking through a pair of glasses.  This device would allow the golfer to see the entire score card as if they were looking through the best eyes in the world….Hence the Darldona™ EagleEyes Viewer ™.    

 This new product was developed to benefit all golfers who find the small print on their scorecards difficult to read. The EagleEyes Viewer™ eliminates the need for glasses that get in the way, get lost, or get broken. This lightweight, cost-efficient viewer makes your game more interesting, more enjoyable and more exciting. No more fumbling around. Now, at a glance, you can see what’s happening, who’s happening, and what strategy to use your next turn. You’ll see your scorecard crystal clear when you use the lens on this user-friendly device. All golfers who use this viewer will be amazed at how well they can see the entire scorecard. What a wonderful experience. You’ll feel like you’re looking through the Eyes of an Eagle! Get going today and get your Darldona™ EagleEyes Viewer ™. Call .

Best wishes and better golfing to all!!!

Darrell Mitchell - Call To Order 757-503-5024



Particularly when purchasing bench magnifiers, the term Diopter is often used in place of magnification, as an indicator of the resulting enlargement of the sample being veiwed.
Diopter (D): Describes the refractive (light bending) capability of a lens, it is proportional to the curvature of the lens. The focal length (working distance) and diopter values of a lens are directly related. The diopter of a lens, can be established by viewing from a distance of 25 cm above the lens, then move the object to the greatest distance below the lens where it remains in sharp focus. Divide this distance into 100 cm. The result is the diopter of the lens - e.g., if the object is at a 33 cm distance, then it is a 3-diopter lens (100/33 = 3D). Each diopter increases the size of the viewed object by 1/4 (25%) when the object is at its full focal length from the lens. This is the opposite of what usually happens with compound optical systems (microscopes etc), where the magnification increases when the focal length is decreased.

We have tabulated a guide for magnification levels, as compared to Diopter: 2 Diopter = 1.50x Mag 3 Diopter = 1.75x Mag 4 Diopter = 2.00x Mag 5 Diopter = 2.25x Mag 7 Diopter = 2.75x Mag 8 Diopter = 3.00x Mag 9 Diopter = 3.25x Mag 11 Diopter = 3.75x Mag 13 Diopter = 4.25x Mag 16 Diopter = 5.00x Mag 18 Diopter = 5.50x Mag 20 Diopter = 6.00x Mag

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