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Invented by Darrell Mitchell, who owns a construction company and loves to play golf on the many beautiful, prestigious golf courses located in his home town of Williamsburg, Virginia.  Out of frustration of not being able to see the score card without the use of cumbersome glasses, came an idea that has turned out to be one of the most needed products in the game of golf.  Tired of squinting to be able to read your eagle or birdie on a score card filled with small print?   The Eagle Eyes Viewer™ is for you!!!  This product will no doubt be a benefit for all golf players who find the small print on the scorecard difficult to read.  The Eagle Eyes Viewer™ will eliminate the need for glasses that get in the way, get lost or broken

Darldona™ Eagleeyes Viewer™
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The EagleEyes Viewer™ eliminates the need for glasses that ...

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